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I have decided to dedicate this web site to the actor Charles Powell after seeing that all the other main actors in the Largo Winch series had a web site and not him. I know that there are Charles Powell fans out there who like him in the role of Cardignac in this series so this web site is for you and also for everybody else who enjoyed seeing this actor in his films or other TV series. I have seen and liked this actor's work many years ago in the PMK TV series and forgot about him until I remembered who he was when I saw the Largo Winch series...

I am going to try to gather the more information possible from the net on this web site and to present you this as a research on this actor. If you have any information that could help, do not hesitate to send me an e-mail. I do not know this actor personally so if you have questions for him, well, sorry, i cannot help you...




Coming soon...

        (Charles Powell in Time at the Top)


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There is an interactive Forum on Charles Powell in the Web Sites - Actors section of the Largo Winch Universal Forums.

You can have access at this address:

Come and participate !



Charles Powell in P.M.K.